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RG3 Collision Repair

San Antonio Body Shop

RG3 Collision is a San Antonio body shop determined to help you fix your car after an accident. We know that you can quickly stress out after getting into an accident. Even a minor crash can make your heart race and get you worried about the blame. Also, you might worry about navigating the insurance claims.
Our experts can make things easier by fixing your car. We have a professional, dedicated team that wants to help you get back on the road safely and faster. Our team provides quick, high-quality auto body repairs at a reasonable price. Drive your vehicle to our shop any time, and our crew will be glad to fix it for you.

RG3 Collision Repair

Dependable San Antonio Body Shop

We understand your situation after an accident and the desire to fix your vehicle as fast as possible. Therefore, we use the latest technology and modern techniques to repair your vehicle after an accident. When you bring your car to us, we assess it and give you a free repair estimate. Our technicians will tell you the duration the repairs will take and the cost.

In most cases, our repairs cost less than the insurance deductible. Thus, you get a quick, convenient, and affordable auto body repair at our shop. Our specialty is making cars regain their showroom appearance. Whether it’s a collision or weather that has damaged your vehicle’s appearance, our technicians will fix it.

We repair minor dents and scratches, bashed in bumpers, and even replacement parts. We can also paint your vehicle using high-quality paint because we know the importance of having a nice-looking car, whether for your personal life or your career. Trust us to fix your vehicle professionally and efficiently upon bringing it to us.

RG3 Collision Body Repair

Comprehensive and Professional Auto Body Repair

Our team assesses vehicles comprehensively once customers bring them to us. We ensure that we identify the damage and fix it to restore our customers’ cars’ pre-damage condition and appearance. Ideally, we use technologies like climate-controlled downdraft paint booths and frame machines to repair vehicles. Modern technologies enable us to provide efficient, quality, and professional repairs.

Here’s how we can help you repair your vehicle:

  • Comprehensive damage analysis
  • Professional help with the insurance paperwork
  • Auto paint and polish services
  • Car rental service

Our technicians will look at your vehicle’s mechanical, structural, and secondary damage during the analysis. This examination enables us to determine the repairs your vehicle needs and parts that may need replacement.

RG3 Collision Repair

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Maybe your vehicle has a dent, scratch, or dull paint. Perhaps, you want to restore the pre-collision appearance of your car. Our highly skilled technicians will use industry-leading technology to repair your vehicle. Be confident that you will get accurate, safe, and high-quality repairs at our facility.
If your car needs repainting, we will use our climate-controlled downdraft paint booth to ensure a quality paint job. Our paint job contains several layers of high-quality paints. What’s more, we deliver factory finishes for all vehicles. Contact or visit us to get quality repairs from the best San Antonio body shop!