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How to Choose the Right Color Match for Your Car's Paint Repair

Once you have identified the area of your car’s body that needs repair, it is time to consider the color match. The essential factor in selecting the right color for a paint repair job is finding an exact match. You can obtain a color code from your vehicle’s original manufacturer, or if an auto body shop handles the repair, it may already have access to this information.

If you purchase a touch-up paint kit online, you will need to provide them with the year and model of your vehicle and its specific color code so they can mix a custom formula for you. You want to ensure a minimal difference between your original car’s paint and the touch-up color. Here are practical tips for choosing the right color match for your car’s paint repair.


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Find Your Car's Paint Code

The first step to ensure a perfect color match for your car’s paint repair is to locate its paint code. Usually, you can find it on the vehicle’s compliance/warranty plate, sometimes called the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) sticker. Usually located on the door jamb, firewall, or radiator core support, this small metal label includes all necessary data about your specific model and year. Once you have located this information, you need to reference it against a paint code chart that lists the corresponding codes for each manufacturer.

If you need help locating your vehicle’s original paint code, an auto body shop should be able to help find it, or they may already have access to the information.

Check the Right Color for Your Car’s Paint Repair

Once you have your car’s exact color code, you can purchase an authentic match paint kit online. When ordering touch-up paint kits, check the manufacturer’s color charts first to ensure you get the right shade. Many companies offer multiple shades within each color code, so pay close attention and double-check before selecting.

Also, it’s important to remember that a color chart may look slightly different on a computer screen than in real life. However, it should still provide enough information to select the shade closest to your vehicle’s original paint job.

Compare the Colors Carefully

When comparing colors, try not to order based solely on what looks like a match on the computer screen. Instead, look at it in real life by doing a test patch. You can do this by purchasing a small sample of touch-up paint and painting a tiny area on your car. And this will let you see how the color looks in reality, so you can make an informed decision before committing to a large purchase.

Use a Color Matching Tool

If you are still trying to decide the color match for your car’s paint repair, it is wise to invest in a color-matching tool. This device uses sensors to compare the surface of your vehicle with the touch-up paint and identify any differences. You can also use it to find an exact match between two different colors if needed. Some auto body shop has an effective color-matching tool as part of their auto painting technology. Thus, you will only invest in this tool if you choose a reputable auto body shop to paint your vehicle.


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Right Color Match for Your Car's Paint Repair

Check for Discontinued Colors

Check if your car’s paint color is still available before selecting it for a repair job. Depending on your vehicle’s model and the year, manufacturers may have discontinued some shades and are unavailable as a touch-up option. If that’s your case, you should pick another color that closely matches your original paint or consider an alternative solution, like wrapping or painting your entire car.

Ask for Samples & Test Swatches

Before committing to any specific color for your car’s paint repair, ask for samples so you can compare several options against each other in natural lighting conditions. Most auto body shops offer swatches that you can test on your vehicle in various locations for accuracy. It’s essential to take the time to properly evaluate each color before making a decision, as it’s better to be sure than sorry when it comes to touch-up paint jobs.

Test the Color Match

When it comes to car paint repairs, a close enough match is not good enough. You want to ensure that the color of your touch-up paint matches the original body of your vehicle. To do this, test the color match by spraying a few passes on an inconspicuous area. Make sure to wait until the paint is dry before performing a thorough inspection. If you are satisfied with the outcome, then you can move forward and complete the entire job.

Work with Professionals Who Knows The Right Color for Your Car’s Repair

If you still need to be more confident when choosing a color that matches your car’s paint, the best thing to do is work with a professional auto body shop. Experienced technicians have access to paint code charts and can mix custom formulas for your vehicle using advanced equipment. They also know how different environments affect the appearance of colors, so they can ensure you get the perfect match for your car’s touch-up paint repair.

Selecting the right color for your car’s repair job requires research and dedication. However, if you take these steps closely, you can confidently find an exact match for your vehicle. You will find the right color match or the same shade that matches your vehicle’s original bodywork perfectly.


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Let RG3 Collision Help You Choose the Right Color Match for Your Car's Paint Repair

If you are looking for guaranteed perfect results when repairing your car paint, RG3 Collision experts have the right solution for you. We’re experienced technicians with the latest color-matching technology to provide an exact match for your original paint job. Also, we offer a wide variety of touch-up paints in various colors and shades from which you can choose. Please call us to learn more about how we can ensure your car looks its best with a flawless paint repair job!