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RG3 Collision Body Repair

Auto Body Repair in San Antonio

When seeking auto body repair in San Antonio, you need a place you can feel comfortable leaving your car for repair. RG3 Collision Repair has trustworthy technicians that will handle your vehicle with care and respect. We know that your vehicle is among your most valuable possessions. Therefore, we treat it professionally and safely at our facility. Whether it’s a domestic or an import, we will fix it professionally and efficiently. Thus, you will quickly get back on the road with your car looking brand new.

Most vehicle owners trust us to fix their cars because we have the expertise and technology to deliver excellent results. Our work has always spoken for itself, that’s why many customers recommend us to their friends and relatives. We’re certified and experienced technicians with a proven track record of delivering top-notch results. So, be confident that we will restore your car’s pre-damage condition upon bringing it to our facility for repair.

We adhere to the highest industry and quality standards to ensure that your vehicle retains its structural and safety integrity. Our shop has earned vehicle owners’ trust by delivering excellent results for all repairs. So, don’t drive a vehicle with auto body damage when our technicians can restore its showroom appearance.

RG3 Collision Body Repair

Complete Auto Body Repair in San Antonio

After an accident that disables your car, our technicians can help you safely and faster get back on the road. Our team does everything possible to make your experience stress-free and straightforward. We aim to ease your stress by restoring the pre-collision condition of your car as quickly as possible. Here’s what you can get upon bringing your vehicle to us for auto body repair.

  • Free estimate: We give you a free, upfront estimate after assessing your car’s damage.
  • Complete auto body repair: Our technicians will assess and repair any damage to your vehicle. And this includes scratches, dents, and dings.
  • Hail damage repair: If a hailstorm damages your vehicle, our technicians will assess the damage and fix it professionally.
  • Help with insurance: We have established relationships with major insurance companies in San Antonio. And this enables us to help our customers with their auto insurance claims.
  • Rental car: We can organize a rental car for you to use while we repair yours. Thus, you can continue with life as usual during the repair process.
  • Lifetime warranty: We guarantee you because we’re confident in our repairs’ quality. Thus, you enjoy peace of mind after hiring us to restore the pre-damage condition of your vehicle.

If your car has dings and dents, our technicians can quickly repair it within minutes. Thus, you don’t have to drop and leave your vehicle at our facility for days. Paintless dent repair is fast and cost-effective. What’s more, it retains the original factory finish of the car.

If you had a collision, don’t assume that you can drive around without minding it. Even a minor dent can cause further damage, like rust. It could also hide severe damage that may compromise your safety. You should bring your vehicle to us for damage assessment and repair. Visit us for quality and reasonably priced auto body repair in San Antonio, Texas!